Home Renovation Loan Houston

  • Are you considering selling a home within the next 6 to 12 or 18 months?
  • Are you short on the cash to improve, update, or renovate your house?
  • Are you concerned with the cost of the loan or qualifying for a renovation loan?

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Home Improvement Financing

A home improvement loan provides a way for a homeowner to finance their home renovation / improvement projects without the need to use your property as collateral.
Unlike a HELOC or home equity loan, a home improvement personal loan is an unsecured loan. You don’t have to worry about not having enough home equity to borrow against, however, this means the lender takes on additional risk when making these loans.

Home renovation projects (or home improvement projects) can be financed through home improvement loans.  These types of loans don’t require your home property to act as the collateral. While the interest rates on these loans are generally lower than credit cards, the average APR on a personal loan will probably be higher than a home equity loan’s APR. Unlike a home equity loan or HELOC, a home improvement personal loan is unsecured. This eliminates concerns about insufficient home equity for borrowing, but it also means the lender assumes additional risk when offering these loans.
FYI: A “Home Improvement loan”, a “Home renovation loan”, and “Home improvement financing” all mean the same thing.

Loans for Bad Credit

Honestly, a bad credit situation need not keep you from getting the renovation, home improvement loan that you need or desire.
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Meaning of Renovation

Home renovation, or renovating is a general term that refers to improving, updating, or restoring an existing house with trending, more contemporary styles, finishes, and technologies. Installing new flooring, replacing kitchen countertops and faucets, and painting kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom walls are all great renovation examples renovations. On a larger scale, replacing a roof, windows, the hvac system, lighting, and insulation.

Renovating a home involves enhancing, revitalizing, or repairing an existing residence using updated and visually pleasing finishes. Examples of renovations include the installation of new flooring, the replacement of kitchen faucets, and the painting of bedroom walls.

Why Renovate your Home?

  • Increase the homes comfort and enjoyment for the occupants. People want to be content with their dwelling.
  • To upgrade or improve the home’s function. E.G., install energy efficient windows and doors, update lighting, etc.
  • Improve your home’s resale value. Due to downsizing, age of occupants, economic changes, market flucuations, etc.
  • Improve the home’s energy efficiency. “Reduce the carbon footprint”.
  • Correct safety problems / issues. Leaky roof, aged electrical system, unreliable HVAC system, torn carpets, etc.
  • Improve the home’s curb appeal. Change or update the exterior or interior style of the home. Landscaping.
  • Prepare your home for sale. Downsizing, age of occupants, economic and market changes, health issues, inheritance, etc.